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    During this lesson, I highly encouraged students to utilize their phones as data collection tools to accurately capture their data, especially those revolving around behavioral responses. This proved to be an effective way for students to a) relay information to their partners in their absence b) account for minute observations (eg. muscular contractions or egg count), c) revisit their observations for clarification and d) use the images as their data. Students were able to capture videos and unbelievably clear shots of their worm populations (see Data Collection photos attached) to utilize in their final products. With students being fluent in this technologies use and with the capabilities that it provides, I found this to be especially useful for a short term research project. 

  Phones as Classroom Resources!
  Adaptive Technology: Phones as Classroom Resources!
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Student Research in Action (Part 2)

Unit 11: The Brain and Toxins (Drugs and Environmental)
Lesson 7 of 8

Objective: Students will analyze data in order to draw conclusions for student developed research questions to assess the impact of environmental/health toxins on the nervous system.

Big Idea: Student research in the classroom empowers students to understand or bring resolve to questions that attempt to understand the impact of health and environmental toxins on the nervous system.

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