Reflection: Student Ownership Student Research in Action (Part 1) - Section 4: Wrapping up!


       It is a well understood benefit to peer interactions in the classroom. In this section of the lesson, I found it extremely valuable to empower students to be the conveyors constructive criticisms and suggestions to other students work as our wrap up. I found that students do value my input as evidenced by their questions throughout their investigations (Am I doing this right? What am I seeing here?, etc.), but really flourished in confidence when they were able to give and receive information from their peers. This became highly evident by the second day of investigation when I observed them seeking one another out more and myself less to validate their skills set or comprehension of material. I thought, this is the beauty in assignments like this. My students became living and breathing examples of PBL and all of its benefits. This small slither of the lesson was big on its return.  

  The Value of Jr. Scientist Input
  Student Ownership: The Value of Jr. Scientist Input
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Student Research in Action (Part 1)

Unit 11: The Brain and Toxins (Drugs and Environmental)
Lesson 6 of 8

Objective: Students will collect data to establish an answer to student developed research questions to assess the impact of environmental/health toxins on the nervous system.

Big Idea: Student research in the classroom empowers students to understand or bring resolve to questions that attempt to understand the impact of health and environmental toxins on the nervous system.

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