Reflection: Lesson Planning Adaptations to Biomes - Section 1: Introduction


Although this lesson is ostensibly just about the adaptations to different biomes, the textbook chapter that the reading assignment comes from helps to frame the entire unit for the students.

By completing the tables with information about two biomes of their choice in their homework assignment, students are already making choices about which biomes they are interested in, which will become critically important when their groups choose a biome to more deeply investigate for the cooperative powerpoint lesson and for the biome travel agency project.  

Additionally, the map in the text chapter will be used in the biome coloring map lesson.

Finally, climate data about the different biomes will be used in the climatograph lesson. 

All of these lessons provide an alternative to simply stating, "here is some information on biomes, read it and memorize it for the test".  By beginning with the broad overview of the biomes, it allows us as a class to then go into more detail about why the different biomes exist where they do and how communities of organisms have adapted to them.  In this way, once students finally come to the unit test, they are able to answer not only the multiple choice questions, but to also draw on a deeper understanding of the material and write short essays that reflect true learning.

  Using a lesson to establish the framework for a unit
  Lesson Planning: Using a lesson to establish the framework for a unit
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Adaptations to Biomes

Unit 5: Biomes
Lesson 3 of 7

Objective: Students will be able to describe some of the common adaptations that enable plants and animals to thrive and adapt to different environmental conditions.

Big Idea: Some adaptations allow organisms to survive environmental extremes and some adaptations allow organisms to survive seasonal changes in environmental conditions.

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