Reflection: Conferencing Setting Goals for Our Writing - Section 3: Writing Review and Goal Setting


This took a lot more time than I anticipated. I ended up having to call students up all period long, which was fine since my teaching partner had them working independently too. The thing is, the time was really well spent. I had great conversations with students about their writing and what kinds of goals were attainable. I had them fill in goal cards, similar to those we did with reading goals earlier in the year, and will keep those as references for future assignments, mini-lessons or grading.

  Conferencing: Completed Goals
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Setting Goals for Our Writing

Unit 1: Establishing a Classroom Culture: Reading and Writing
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Objective: SWBAT determine meaningful goals for improving their writing by reviewing their graded written responses and conferring with the teacher.

Big Idea: In writing it is good to look at where you are...and set goals for improving.

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