Reflection: Qualitative Evaluations Valentine Mailbox - Build and Test - Part 2 - Section 6: Developing an Anchor Chart for the Engineering Process


How well are the students understanding the engineering process:

Part One - Valentine Mailboxes (First Lesson)

Identify Problem, Plan and Design

As a whole class we identified the problem and defined the criteria (plan).  I can assess students on their diagrams they made and whether or not they addressed the criteria.

Their diagrams would be assessed with a rubric based on the Engineering Practices (will include when I have drafted a rubric)

Part Two - Valentine Mailboxes (Second Lesson - Day Two)

Design, Test, Modify

I will use the evaluation form as a starting point to check students' mailboxes. If any criteria got less than a 3, I will check the mailbox to see what I notice and to see if the student made any modifications. If modifications were made or not, I will note this on the students' evaluation forms, or whether or not I thought the score warranted a score less than a 3.

I will use this information (evaluation forms and my notes) to score students on a rubric for Engineering Practices. (will include when it is developed).


  Did Students' Mailboxes Meet the Criteria?
  Qualitative Evaluations: Did Students' Mailboxes Meet the Criteria?
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Valentine Mailbox - Build and Test - Part 2

Unit 6: Engineering Opportunities
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT build and evaluate each other's mailbox design based on the class set mailbox criteria

Big Idea: Valentine Mailbox Engineers build and test their designs and give each other feedback on what worked well with the design.

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