Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Equivalent Expression With Area Models - Section 2: Engagement


When executing this portion of this lesson, the students weren't providing me with very many responses when I first presented them with the two colored area model. But then, I separated the two colors and that seemed to spark new responses from my students. I was able to separate the colors due to the fact that, even though I have attached a PowerPoint for the area model for this activity to the section, in my actual classroom, I used manipulatives and presented them under a document camera. When my students did not respond with as much vigor as I would have liked, I went to the document camera and separated the colors. Being that this sparked more responses, I recommend that this little adjustment to this lesson remain permanent. You should still present the first area model but, in the event that students do not respond well, I have attached another PowerPoint to this reflection that includes the first area model as well as another slide with that same area model with the colors separated.

  Adjustments to Practice: An Adjustment to the Area Model
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Equivalent Expression With Area Models

Unit 3: Expressions
Lesson 9 of 15

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate equality among different mathematical expressions using area models

Big Idea: Area 51 ways: How equivalent expressions can be determined using area models.

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Math, Expressions (Algebra), distributive property, equivalent expression, area model
  70 minutes
distr prop equivalency
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