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I think this activity was a much needed break for my kids.  Students were VERY excited to get the chance to practice this important skill in a relaxing setting.  During the activity I went from group to group helping as needed.  In my lowest block of students, I rearranged a few of the seats based on my observations from the previous lesson, placing students with homogeneous groups.  Thus, I was actually able to sit with the lowest group so that I could keep them focused and working.  I am very pleased with how smoothly the lesson went, and will definitely do another activity like this one in the future.

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More Unit Rates Fluency - Practice, Practice!

Unit 2: Proportional Reasoning
Lesson 4 of 14

Objective: Students will be able to calculate unit rates involving complex fractions without the use of a calculator.

Big Idea: Scare away the fear of complex fractions with these unit rate problems!

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, unit rate, complex fractions
  60 minutes
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