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An interesting observation one of my students made was that Tundra and Boreal Forest (Taiga) occur only in the Northern Hemisphere (except for tiny portions of Patagonia).  I hadn't actually ever noticed that myself, so I asked the students to look at the map and try and explain why. 

They quickly answered that there aren't really many landmasses in the Southern Hemisphere at the high latitudes where Tundra and Boreal Forest occur (it's important to note that Antarctica has a Polar Ice biome).

This incident showed me, again, some of the joy of being a teacher... that you're able to view concepts through fresh eyes that often show you something you had missed all along. 

  Learning from your students
  Student Ownership: Learning from your students
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Biome Coloring Map

Unit 5: Biomes
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Objective: Students will be able to delineate the 5 climatic zones of the Earth by lines of latitude and make a map showing the distribution of biomes across the globe.

Big Idea: Biomes are not randomly distributed, they occur in patterns according to latitude, oceans, geographical features, and other factors that determine climate.

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