Reflection: Continuous Assessment Using Inequalities to Solve Problems - Section 5: Exit Ticket


Although my students have been working on inequalities for a few days, through this quick assessment I realized that several students were still having difficulty with the key words.  In particular at least and at most were causing some confusion. My lower performing math students thought the "at least" in the word problem translated to less than.  I asked students that if Keisha wants to have at least $300, would she be happy with $50?  $100?  $299?  They were able to conclude that the amount had to be equal to or more than 300 and realized that the greater than or equal to sign should be used.

The results of this exit ticket reminded me how important it is to continually assess students, whether it's through observation or tests.  These assessments often reveal confusion/problems that students may not have communicated.

  Trouble with at least and at most
  Continuous Assessment: Trouble with at least and at most
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Using Inequalities to Solve Problems

Unit 14: Algebra
Lesson 14 of 16

Objective: SWBAT use inequalities to solve word problems.

Big Idea: How can we sort out the important information from an inequality word problem?

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