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Story Telling

I used storytelling to launch this lesson on Minerals and Their Properties.  I told the students a story about my walk home and how I came across a variety of unique items on the ground.  With this story, I included the items I mentioned like fluorite, sulfur, and other minerals including pyrite, talc, quartz, and calcite.  By incorporating these into the story, it enticed students to be attentive and want to find out more.

Incorporating storytelling has many benefits in the classroom. It is a great way to capture students attention for the lesson and motivation to find out more.  This leads to students listening more attentively and excited to find out more, encouraging them to be an active participant.  This method also benefits English language learners. They hear the language within the story and can make connections with the use of props. It makes students reflect on their own experiences and try to make connections. In this case, I had students ask which way did I go on my walk, others commented they have found items while outsides themselves. This informs me that they are listening because they want to be part of the story I am telling. These connections helps build a community within the class and can provide a sense of comfort, especially to those students who deal with anxiety and reluctant learners.

The best way to make storytelling effective is to use varying tones throughout the story. This keeps students attentive and yearning for more from the storyteller. Another effective way is including props to bring the story to life. Props make the story more realistic and believable, all the more reason to use them.

  Storytelling to Engage Students
  Relevance: Storytelling to Engage Students
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Minerals and Their Properties

Unit 4: Earth's Changing Surface
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Objective: SWBAT define mineral and use properties to distinguish between various minerals.

Big Idea: Students will investigate properties of minerals by conducting different tests to identify and describe them.

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