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Collecting data is a necessary skill for a scientist of any level.  Sometimes, this can be challenging for students with learning difficulties.  In order for them to be successful as possible in collecting the necessary information, I have provided them with a data chart to complete.  From the student work sample you can see the student has clear spaces for inputting information.  The inference column on the far right is for the student to infer as to what is happening during that moment in time (is it melting, evaporating, etc). 

  Students with Disabilities: Sample Data Chart
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Phase Change Lab

Unit 7: States of Matter
Lesson 15 of 15

Objective: SWBAT complete a lab experiment that demonstrates 4 phases changes and the three states of matter.

Big Idea: Through a lab experiment, students will collect data and write a lab report, summarizing their findings.

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phase change lab
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