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This area unit comes at a busy time in the spring for me - we gear up to take our Common Core testing, and there never seem to be enough instructional days (especially in years when we have a high number of snow days wreaking havoc on the calendar!).

This is a lesson that I view as optional.  Area of rectangles is a concept that my students learn in 5th grade, so this lesson is designed to be review for them.  I spend some review time before this unit figuring out what my students already know about area of rectangles.  If they have a solid foundation, I plan to not teach this lesson (instead, I would use the problems on homeworks, in review blocks, on quizzes, etc.)

Being able to do this takes advanced planning.  I put 'area of rectangles' into my review calendar at the start of each school year, so that I am sure to take care of this.  Generally, I give this a date during Unit 9, so that I have time to diagnose and decide.

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Area of Rectangles

Unit 10: Area of Two Dimensional Figures
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Objective: SWBAT apply the area formula for rectangles to solve mathematical and real world problems.

Big Idea: Area measures the number of square units that cover the inside space of a 2-dimensional figure.

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Math, areas, area (Measurement), Geometry, rectangle, square, area of rectangle, dimension, array
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