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This website has become my favorite website to help me in bringing real world opinions into my classroom.  Not only does it incorporate current news worthy information, it also is written at a level that my students can read and understand.  

All the articles are written about current events or situations that are happening in real time.  All, of course, that relate to what we are learning about in our class.  What makes them even better is that the news comes from major news publications from across the United States.  I want my students to not only see that their ideas are important, but that the ideas and work of real scientists is valued so much that it is shared with the rest of the world.  

The articles offer students the opportunity to read what their parents may be reading in local newspapers, but the difference is the articles are written at their reading level. It really offers that real world feel to practice obtaining information using various texts, text features, and other media that can be useful in answering scientific questions (SP8). 

  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: NewsELA
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Extinct, Endangered or Threatened?

Unit 8: Unit 8 - Rain Forest
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Objective: SWBAT distinguish between the three terms: extinct, endangered and threatened.

Big Idea: The general public uses these words interchangeably. However, they each have specific meanings and they are important distinctions in science.

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