Reflection: Rigor Earth in Motion - Section 5: Show Me the Oreo


When I asked students about which was the fast event and slow event, some struggled to differentiate between the two. The kiddos saw me move the oreo pieces, it took just a couple of seconds, so the plates moving in their mind was a fast event. Volcanoes erupting they could say that was a fast event, but the building of a volcanic island, well that takes time, you could see their wheels turning as they worked on sorting these scenarios out as slow or fast events.

What does this mean for me, the teacher? I need to make connections to previous learning, such as the lesson on the Earth's Timeline and their experiences, such as feeling an earthquake.

  Slow Event and Fast Event
  Rigor: Slow Event and Fast Event
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Earth in Motion

Unit 4: Unit 4 - Surface Water and Landform Interactions
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Objective: SWBAT explain where and how volcanoes and earthquakes occur and some of the landforms that occur near plate boundaries.

Big Idea: Students learn about some of the slow Earth events that can create quick Earth events, such as volcanoes and earthquakes.

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Science, erosion, landforms, water cycle, water
  100 minutes
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