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In this lesson, Day 1- Making Food Through Photosynthesis-A Recipe for Plants, I use a play about the process of Photosynthesis to help my students persevere and grapple with this complex concept. I chose a play over another strategy because photosynthesis can be a difficult concept for students grasp. To ensure all students were active participants, I assign each group a specific role: leaf, sunlight, carbon dioxide, water, oxygen, and sugar. This encourages more participation because students are not singled out to read, the group reading helps them feel more confident and willing to participate. In order to bring this to life, I use a variety of props relevant to the different roles in the play. These props include a leaves, a model of a sun, plastic water droplets, one bag of air to represent oxygen, two bags of air to represent carbon dioxide, and a white rounded shape item to represent sugar. With their props in place, my students acted their assigned parts by reciting the lines as a group. Using a play to learn about the photosynthesis helped students sequence the process clearly.

Using a play, like this one, targets multiple learning styles: kinesthetic, linguistic, interpersonal, and spatial. Students have a chance to tap into their strengths during this learning experience, making them more engaged in the content of the lesson. I found using a play to help students understand the photosynthesis process was successful. My students were active participants as they grappled the with understanding the concept of photosynthesis.

  Using Drama (Play) to Teach
  Staircase of Complexity: Using Drama (Play) to Teach
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Day 1- Making Food Through Photosynthesis-A Recipe for Plants (Cornerstone Lesson)

Unit 3: Ecosystems and Interactions
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Objective: SWBAT recognize the importance of the sun's energy in photosynthesis and explain its role in the photosynthesis process.

Big Idea: Students will sequence and illustrate the process of photosynthesis.

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Photosynthesis, Science, Ecosystems, interaction
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