Reflection: Student Feedback NASA Rocks (Part 2/2) - Section 2: Student Reflection


What did the students say?

A lot! Somethings good, somethings that needed change, lots of anecdotal data!

I think it is important to ask students what they liked, learned and found difficult about a unit or project. It is especially important to have students write a reflection after a problem-based learning experience because PBL's require lots of critical thinking and the unit is structured much differently than other types of learning. Often times, high achieving students do not perform as well at PBL because PBL is not the typical textbook question/answer or multiple choice test or activity. When PBL is successful, it forces students to dig deeper and think "outside of the box." I will adjust the lessons and learning experience with this data from my students.

Here is what some students wrote about the NASA Rocks experience:

The project was hard because. . .

  • I didn't know what to do for the experiments.
  • You had to do a lot of research and next time I will do better.
  • The project was hard because you really had to think a while to figure out which characteristics suit it best.

I learned . . .

  • How to classify rocks and minerals according to color, lister, texture, and streak.
  • That there can be different types of rocks that can be igneous, sedimentary, or any type of rock.
  • More about the NASA rocks and how they form.

Next time I could do better on . . .

  • Collecting evidence and answering the questions.
  • Helping more on research.
  • Working with a group.

  What Did The Students Say?
  Student Feedback: What Did The Students Say?
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NASA Rocks (Part 2/2)

Unit 7: Rocks & Minerals
Lesson 8 of 8

Objective: SWBAT create a way to present data collected from observations and experiments on unknown objects.

Big Idea: Understanding characteristics & benefits of minerals & rocks, students work through a problem-based learning experience, collaborate with partners, use data to write a letter to a NASA scientist, and create a document showing observations & experiments.

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Science, Rock Cycle, minerals, rocks, Problem Based Learning
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