Reflection: Intrinsic Motivation Bring Attention to the African and Asian Elephants Through Poetry - Section 5: Class Discussion/ Wrap Up


The idea for this lesson did not come from me, this idea came from a class discussion where students read an article about things children were doing to bring attention to the plight of the elephants. They wanted to do something too. We were in the middle of a poetry unit so, naturally, they wanted to write poems. I find that sometimes the best plans are the ones that were not planned. They were so proud of their work, they shared it with the whole school by reading a poem a day during announcements for two weeks!

  Science across the content areas should happen often
  Intrinsic Motivation: Science across the content areas should happen often
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Bring Attention to the African and Asian Elephants Through Poetry

Unit 15: Elephants an Adaptation Project
Lesson 7 of 7

Objective: Create a Cinquain Poem to bring attention to the African and Asian Elephants.

Big Idea: Sharing an endangered animal's attributes through poetry can bring attention to the the need for conservation.

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Science, adaptation, endangered species, elephants
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