Reflection: Trust and Respect Elephant Adaptation For Humans A Two Day Project - Section 3: Guided practice


During this project, I wanted students to generate their own ideas, no matter how crazy. Some students were reluctant at first, asking  me what I thought they should create, but I insisted that no idea was out of bounds. I think that is what made this project such a success, I was the facilitator. The ideas were theirs, and when they explained it to others, they were very confident and sincere in their delivery. 

  Letting students run with an idea is very rewarding.
  Trust and Respect: Letting students run with an idea is very rewarding.
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Elephant Adaptation For Humans A Two Day Project

Unit 15: Elephants an Adaptation Project
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: Create a prototype of an elephant adaptation that a human could benefit from by sketching the idea and then trying to build it.

Big Idea: Research on a problem should be carried out before beginning to design a solution. Testing a solution involves investigating how well it performs under a range of likely conditions.

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Science, adaptation, endangered species, elephants
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