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The 1-1-1  modified Round Table is one of my preferred types of exit ticket. It takes 4-5 minutes tops, depending on how many students are in the groups. The data is invaluable to me as a teacher. I may think that the lesson went extremely well, however, if the students did not understand the concept, and I move on, without realizing this, the subsequent lessons on the content may not hold relevance to my students because they did not understand the basic concepts. This type of exit ticket also helps them build on what their classmates have stated and helps them further develop their understanding of the academic content.

  Using a five minute exit ticket helps me assess
  Exit Tickets: Using a five minute exit ticket helps me assess
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Asian Elephants, Adaptations Help Them Survive

Unit 15: Elephants an Adaptation Project
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: Identify at least three adaptations of the Asian Elephant that helps it survive in its habitat.

Big Idea: A combination of behaviors and structures, instead of any single characteristic, enables an animal to survive in a particular habitat.

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Science, adaptation, endangered species, elephants
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