Reflection: Real World Applications How to be Machiavellian and Other Useful Techniques for Taking Over the World: Stage a Take Over of Horizon High School - Section 3: Group Work Time: Charge? Take over the school


Obviously, this will not necessarily be a real-world issue they have to deal with, but by allowing students to embody their inner Machiavelli in this activity, I am hoping that they will be able to correctly identify Machiavellian leadership in others as we continue our studies this year.

I wish I could share all the really amazing plans I heard as I wandered the room. For example, my group of band students decided they would set off the fire alarms so that the whole building would have to evacuate to the football field. Then they planned to turn the student body into slaves to the system with the help of recruited "sell-swords."

They had so much fun doing this and were thinking at such high levels without even realizing they were being challenged that my teaching partner and I decided we needed to create another problem-based activity for our continued studies of the Renaissance. Awesome!

  Student Plans for Taking Over The School
  Real World Applications: Student Plans for Taking Over The School
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How to be Machiavellian and Other Useful Techniques for Taking Over the World: Stage a Take Over of Horizon High School

Unit 3: Informational Text: How to Read for Rhetoric
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Objective: SWBAT apply their analysis of Machiavelli's purpose and main ideas by creating a plan for taking over the school.

Big Idea: What better way to test the students' understanding of Machiavelli's principles than allowing them to stage a coup?

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