Reflection: Accountability Writing Neutralization Reactions, Part 1 - Section 7: Debrief


“Was it them or me?” This is a common question I ask myself when students do not learn the material I expected them to learn. Granted, sometimes students do not work as hard as they should or do not pay attention when key information or skills are being taught.

However, sometimes my lesson is poorly designed and I need to own this. Even if I have 10 lessons in a year flop, I am still doing a good job 95% of the time. To expect perfection does a disservice to students.

So, with that as background, I can say that this lesson was a failure. I tried to do too much in too short a period of time. I really should have spent a day reviewing how to balance chemical equations, a day on writing salts, and then a day on neutralization reactions. It had been too long a period of time since we worked on these prerequisite skills and many students were not comfortable with them.

Recognizing this, I kept the learning environment positive during this lesson. I did not get frustrated with my students. Rather, I just named their difficulties as they were occurring, and noted that I would allow and extra day for us to practice. It was interesting to note that different students struggled with different parts of the lesson, and so perhaps I should not be too hard on myself. Different students did have different entry points, and so by giving them the big picture they were then able to meet their individual challenges.

The key to this is making sure that I recognized this, and that I gave students the time they needed to refresh the perquisite skills (balancing charges, balancing chemical equations) necessary to write neutralization reactions.

  Accountability: Self-assessment
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Writing Neutralization Reactions, Part 1

Unit 7: Acids and Bases
Lesson 6 of 12

Objective: Students will be able to write equations for neutralization reactions when given an acid and a base.

Big Idea: Neutralization reactions occur when an acid is mixed with a base. The products are a salt and water.

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