Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding Real World Applications of Quadratic Functions - Section 1: Warm Up


Students should be 100% at solving Quadratic Equations using the Quadratic Formula, but they are not.  I really feel that students need to find a repeated method that works for them individually, where they are getting the solutions correct every time using this formula.  

Some students may be more successful using technology, and others may feel more confident breaking it down into pieces by hand.  Any method is fine if it is working.  If it is not, students and teachers need to work together to find the mistakes of individual students.  

Focusing on the details of signs, identifying variables correctly, and simplifying correctly using Order of Operations are key to their success.

I know that teachers including myself say, "Don't focus on the answer, focus on the method and the reasons and concepts of your ways."  However, doesn't a wrong answer tell us that something went wrong, and we can work backwards to find the mistakes that are so important to correct.  A correct answer also tells us that our method worked. 

So, maybe we should tell students to focus on the answer as well to guide them in improving!

  A case where Practice does Prevail
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: A case where Practice does Prevail
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Real World Applications of Quadratic Functions

Unit 8: Quadratic Functions
Lesson 9 of 10

Objective: SWBAT solve application problems of Quadratic Functions involving projectiles.

Big Idea: To decide what formula to use based on the units of feet per second for velocity compared to meters per second.

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quadratic functions, Math, Quadratic Equations, cooperative learning, Projectile Motion, Real world problems, group work, peer evaluation
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