Reflection: Checks for Understanding Electromagnetism Follow Up - Section 1: Introduction


At the end of our guided Electromagnet investigation, I closed with students writing questions about electromagnets they were interested in testing further.  My plan for today was to allow groups to test those questions.  However, I also noticed three out of 5 notebooks I collected from the electromagnet investigation claimed that the longer the wire, the greater the magnetic force, even though the variable was the number of wraps, not the length of the wire.  Because of this pattern of mistakes, I also decided to include a follow up to distinguish the difference between the two experiments.

  Data Driven Decision Making
  Checks for Understanding: Data Driven Decision Making
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Electromagnetism Follow Up

Unit 5: Electricity and Magnetism
Lesson 13 of 14

Objective: SWBAT explain factors influencing the strength of an electromagnet.

Big Idea: How can you use evidence to support your claim about electromagnets?

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