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My modeling helps my students become more accustomed to annotating articles themselves. The free chrome extension, EVERNOTE clearly, is a wonderful tool for modeling how to focus on the content when reading. By using this tool, I can model, and then ask students to highlight using the tool and share out to the group. They love using it, as do my students when we are close reading or annotating articles.

  Modeling helps students become more familiar
  Modeling: Modeling helps students become more familiar
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African Elephants Adaptations Help Them Survive

Unit 15: Elephants an Adaptation Project
Lesson 1 of 7

Objective: Identify at least three adaptations of the African Elephant that helps it survive in its habitat.

Big Idea: A combination of behaviors and structures, instead of any single characteristic, enables an animal to survive in a particular habitat.

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Science, adaptation, Mammals, elephants, endangered species
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