Reflection: Lesson Planning NGSS As Easy As 1-2-3 - Section 4: #1: DCI's - Disciplinary Core Ideas


If you are trying to make the transition from your old state science standards to the new NGSS, focus on the Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCI's) to decide which content you need to focus on for your students to gain the most from their time in your classroom.  The DCI's are grouped by content area and describe the most important concepts for your students to master so they can leave your class with the strongest understanding of your curriculum.  The best part is that NGSS leaves the imagination and creativity up to the teachers to link how the DCI's integrate to the Cross Cutting Concepts (XC) and the Science Practices (SP).  This is your time to let your inner personality shine as you bring your curriculum to life for your students with the Next Generation Science Standards.  Embrace our new beginning and make the most of the opportunity for your students to delve into the world of science!

  DCI's Are Like Our Old Standards
  Lesson Planning: DCI's Are Like Our Old Standards
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NGSS As Easy As 1-2-3

Unit 8: Implementation of Technology and NGSS
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Objective: Teachers WBAT create a more refined understanding of the Next Generation Science Standards as they relate to the Disciplinary Core Ideas, Crosscutting Concepts, and Science and Engineering Practices in an effort to build confidence to incorporate these guidelines into their daily science instruction.

Big Idea: It is time to peel back the layers of the NGSS and get comfortable and confident with this new set of ideas and practices that will guide science education!

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