Reflection: Grappling with Complexity Measuring to find Perimeter and Area - Section 2: Hands on Activity


This lesson is in preparation for a lesson where students will use coordinate geometry to find perimeters and areas of figures. When we get to that lesson, I want students to understand that the distance formula is a measurement tool. So in this lesson we use a more concrete measurement tool, a ruler. 

So first I want to make sure that students know what measurements to make with the ruler in order to find perimeters and areas. Students get to work that aspect out in this lesson. That way, when we get to the lesson on using coordinate geometry to find perimeters and areas, students have a good idea of what to measure, and what to do with those measurement. They just have to figure out what their measurement tool will be and make sure that they use it correctly. 

This is a theme I try to develop over the entire course- that there are multiple approaches to solving a particular problem and these approaches differ in the tools they employ.

  Progressing from concrete to abstract
  Grappling with Complexity: Progressing from concrete to abstract
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Measuring to find Perimeter and Area

Unit 2: Geometry Foundations
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Objective: SWBAT measure dimensions of triangles, rectangles and circles in order to find their areas and perimeters.

Big Idea: It's about to get real. In this lesson, students calculate actual areas of triangles, rectangles, circles, and composites of these using actual dimensions.

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