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I don't work at a school where I can count on a lot involvement at home, but I do want to provide the opportunity for parents to participate, without punishing students whose parents are not able to work with them.  I include the following note on my class bulletins:

This week, your child will be using the Engineering Design Process to solve a problem in the classroom or their bedroom using magnets.  This could be using magnets to connect something together, or to keep two things apart.  Your child can draw their idea, create a model of their idea, or create a working prototype if they have the ability and supplies on hand.  You can help by helping them look around for problems in their room, or if you'd like, you can help them record a demonstration of their idea in action.  Thanks in advance!

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Magnet Engineering Design Challenge

Unit 5: Electricity and Magnetism
Lesson 14 of 14

Objective: SWBAT use the Engineering Design Process to create a solution to problem involving magnets?

Big Idea: How can you use magnets to solve a problem?

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Science, Magnetism, electromagnetism, Electricity, engineering design process, Magnets
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