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My original idea for this lesson was to just have the students journal in their notebooks as they had been doing, however, after mapping out what I wanted them to walk away with from this unit, I decided to create the journal and have them document the work there. I am glad I decided to do this because I noticed that the students were excited about the prospect of documenting with their writing and their illustrations in the journal. I found that the majority of the students were more purposeful in their notes and observations than they had been in their notebooks now that we were getting to the end of the school year.

  Preplanning and creating the journal made a difference.
  Lesson Planning: Preplanning and creating the journal made a difference.
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Ladybug Observation Journal

Unit 14: Ladybugs
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: Observe and document ladybug behavior and life cycle by keeping a journal

Big Idea: Scientists observe and document in order to learn more about a species.

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Science, essay, survival, insects, Writing Informative Text, life cycles, investigation, journals, observations
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