Reflection: Checks for Understanding Estimating Flooring Costs - Section 3: Student Practice


After the lesson, I look at student work in their journals.

When looking at this journal, Completed Chart, I notice that the student correctly estimated each type of flooring, except for the laminate flooring at the bottom of the chart. She wrote: $1.39 = about $2.00. I want to conference with her tomorrow to see if this was a misconception (lack of understanding) or a mistake (error in calculations). 

This student, Dollar Signs vs. Cent Signs correctly estimated each type of flooring, but seems to be confused when to use the dollar sign and the cent sign. I want to address this during whole-class instruction tomorrow. 

In this student's journal, Incorrect Price.jpg, I discover a price was incorrectly transferred from the flooring price tag. I want to remind this student to attend to precision and to make sure to double check numbers when transferring them from one paper to another.

  Checks for Understanding: Analyzing Student Journals
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Estimating Flooring Costs

Unit 14: Area & Perimeter
Lesson 11 of 19

Objective: SWBAT estimate the cost of each flooring type.

Big Idea: During this lesson, students will practice estimating prices to the nearest dollar by "going to a garage sale" and will then estimate the cost of each flooring type.

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Math, Geometry, Geometric Modeling, area (Measurement), perimeter (Determining Measurements), Estimating, rounding prices, decimal numbers
  70 minutes
interacting with flooring
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