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         The chemistry that underlies protein receptor and ligand (GABA in this case) interactions can be a difficult concept for students to comprehend without some basic chemical bonding comprehension under their belts. Take the time to bring students up to speed via accessory videos, teachable moment, etc. before moving on to the next section of the lesson if you find that they are struggling with connecting the dots in the GABA/Protein Receptor discussion. This sets students up for greater success and boosts their confidence to participate the succeeding activities which rely in part on their ability to comprehend the chemical interactions that "make or break" the success of proteins in the body. 

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Protein Synthesis in Action: Mind, Body and Mutation!

Unit 7: Genetics and the Brain
Lesson 1 of 6

Objective: Students will use and develop models to construct an explanation of how the structure of DNA influences the structure and function of proteins in the body.

Big Idea: DNA is powerful molecule in the cell that creates life sustaining molecules called proteins.

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