Reflection: Real World Applications Cell Respiration, part 2 - Section 5: Independent Practice


Labs are a significant part of my instruction.  I like labs because they allow students to apply or model concepts.  Labs also afford my students an opportunity to expand the thinking through observation so that they are able to ask new or different questions that lead to greater understanding of concepts. Students like labs because labs are engaging and they allow students to do or observe things that are outside a typical day of instruction.

This is a lab that students enjoy.  As evidenced from the video clip, they are able to jump around and have fun while learning.  The challenge for me as a teacher is to reinforce that learning is occurring in the midst of the fun.  To make reinforce the fact that students should be aware of what they are learning while conducting a lab, I will always preview the analysis questions with the class before they begin the lab.  Previewing the questions allows them to see what they are expected to know when they complete the lab.  I have found this practice to be the best way to help students recognize that labs have a purpose beyond the fun that they provide.

  The significance of Labs
  Real World Applications: The significance of Labs
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Cell Respiration, part 2

Unit 5: Unit 2- Cells
Lesson 13 of 30

Objective: Students will examine how exercise affects carbon dioxide production.

Big Idea: Prolonged exercise relies primarily on aerobic metabolism.

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aerobic respiration, Science, cellular respiration, exercise, carbon dioxide, lactic acid
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