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The unit on animal life cycles was very involved and covered many facets of the NGSS standard on life cycles. I wanted to create an assessment that would allow my students to apply what they had learned and also be able to explain the life cycle process. I believe that by using a variety of questions I was able to better evaluate student learning at the end of this instructional unit .

  An assessment that varies the types of questions makes for a fair and unbiased test.
  Unit Exams: An assessment that varies the types of questions makes for a fair and unbiased test.
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Animal Life Cycles Assessment Day

Unit 12: Animal Life Cycles
Lesson 8 of 8

Objective: Students will be able to demonstrate mastery of a unit on animal life cycles by scoring 80% or above on a unit assessment.

Big Idea: Summative assessments will measure what students have learned , and can apply, at the end of a unit.

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