Reflection: Rigor Chemical Reactions - Section 4: Reflect & Apply


To support students as they preserve and grapple with complex and rigorous tasks, I love creating class posters! The Law of Conservation Poster, provided the class with the opportunity to review previous learning. It also allowed students to see how the Law of Conservation (a complex scientific concept) applies to both physical and chemical changes. 

At the end of today's lesson, students were able to successfully write an evidence-based paragraph on the Law of Conservation because they were able to refer back to the Law of Conservation Poster

Upon reflection, I now realize that there are a couple of changes I would make to this poster next time I teach this lesson. 

  • I would change the words, "Mass can't be created or destroyed" to "Matter can't be created or destroyed." This statement makes more sense.
  • To connect ideas, I would also add on, "The mass stays the same because the matter (amount of stuff inside something) stays the same." 
  • I would also name the products in the chemical equation for the baking soda and vinegar investigation. This would help students see that new substances were created (sodium acetate, water, and carbon dioxide).

  Rigor: Class Poster
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Chemical Reactions

Unit 5: Matter
Lesson 11 of 11

Objective: SWBAT prove that even though new substances are produced during chemical reactions, the beginning and ending mass/weight stays the same.

Big Idea: In this lesson, students examine how mixing baking soda and vinegar results in new substances. They also discover that the beginning and ending mass of this chemical reaction remains the same.

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