Reflection: Student Led Inquiry Investigating Claims About Cancer - Section 1: Introduction


Print and digital media complements many of the most controversial topics in biotechnology and afford students a welcomed alternate form of “text” in which to evaluate. By encouraging students to listen to music, read print materials, or watching a documentary or movie clip students are given permission to communicate about science through a lens that is often accessible for all levels of student. The primary advantage of the use of print media (advertisements) in this lesson is that the instructor takes on the role of a facilitator who seeks to support the connections students make as they interpret what they are reading, observing and analyzing.

  Use of Print Media in Science Teaching
  Student Led Inquiry: Use of Print Media in Science Teaching
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Investigating Claims About Cancer

Unit 1: Introduction to the Biotechnology Workplace
Lesson 11 of 11

Objective: Students will be able to identify claims about UV exposure presented in a selection of media items, then design, execute, and report the results of an experiment designed to test one such claim.

Big Idea: Scientists use systematic and rigorous criteria to evaluate claims about factors associated with cancer.

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