Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding Angry Bird Physics: Student-Created Short Films - Section 3: Creating A Short Film on Projectile Motion


I value the concept of shared authority as a way to transform students from consumers into facilitators of knowledge and deeper understanding of complex material. At this point in the semester, students have worked with defined roles to look at lessons from Galileo Galilei and apply his models to a projectile's motion. With this in mind, I thought it would be a good time to ask students to take on the role of a filmmaker. I ask students to work in pairs to obtain, interpret and communicate their understanding of projectile motion by creating a short film. Most students are comfortable working with a partner to meet the constraints that I project on the interactive whiteboard and really enjoy using technology to communicate their ideas on projectile motion. Some student comments and puzzles about creating films are, "I like that I can use sound to ad emphasis on different parts of the solution of my projectile motion problem." and "Why do we have add a voice over for the entire video when using Powtoon?"

During the bulk of this lesson, students illustrate and explain key projectile motion concepts using a script they create in pairs. I tell students that finding novel ways to communicate physics content like projectile motion is an essential skill for practicing physics. I remind students that physics is model-dependent and although we are able to mathematically describe a projectile's motion using the Angry Bird model, the current model for predicting the range of a projectile can be improved upon. I believe that the flexibility to use technology to communicate information about projectile motoin models is an essential part of learning and practicing physics.

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  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Student Crafted Explanations
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Angry Bird Physics: Student-Created Short Films

Unit 3: Projectile Motion
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Objective: Students will demonstrate their understanding of projectile motion by creating a short film.

Big Idea: Communicating information on projectile motion in an engaging way is a great way to learn and practice physics.

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Science, Physical Science, velocity (Physics), physics, range, Projectile Motion, projectile
  75 minutes
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