Reflection: Perseverance Day 3 and 4: Building Paper Towers - Section 2: Students Construct Their Towers


Engineering lessons can be difficult to sustain if we don't allow students to try new ideas, especially if their first design doesn't work.  Engineers and scientists must persevere if they are going to solve the pressing challenges and answer the important questions of our time.  They often fail, but dust themselves off and keep going.  As educators, we must provide the same type of environment in our classrooms and stress the development of a growth mindset.  In this challenge, it is important to allow students to restart their tower, if their design doesn't go as planned.  This mimics a learning environment that focuses on iterative design and perseverance.  

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  Perseverance: Supporting Students
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Day 3 and 4: Building Paper Towers

Unit 5: Engineering
Lesson 3 of 11

Objective: SWBAT: Follow a plan to construct a paper tower.

Big Idea: Students will follow plans to build and test the effectiveness of their tower. Changes to designs are recorded in trouble shooting journal.

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