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This student driven and designed assessment produced some of the best work on a test I have ever seen!  I deduce it was because students were actively involved in creating the exam in the first place. If every exam in science could be created by the students with guidance from the instructor who ensures that all of the standard is demonstrated within the document or task, would this become the most preferred way of being assessed? I am curious if this would work with every group?

However, as I look at my student samples the only hitch was a few students not paying attention to spelling and not being sure about the reproductive parts of the plant. In all of the writing, they could demonstrate their knowledge about specialized parts through writing about it and giving examples. I was very happy with this process and encourage you to try this! It also demonstrates an exemplary teaching method above and beyond giving a text book test or one that a teacher simply creates alone.


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Specialized Stuctures of a Plant: Unit Assessment

Unit 6: Plants: Structures and Processes
Lesson 14 of 14

Objective: Students show understanding of external and internal structures of a plant through a written exam.

Big Idea: Students show what they know about how external and internal specialized structures of the plant help it survive and reproduce.

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Science, plants, Processes (Construction), summative assessment, student accountability, unit exam, student ownership, Student choices in assessments, structures, bees
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