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For those students that I know have a difficult time with reading, I make sure that when I get to their desk I model rereading again. I use their book and model it side by side. After I model then its their turn. This extra modeling is usually all they need to begin to practice.

By reading and modeling with their book I show students exactly how they can use the strategy right away. It is a way for them to see that they can do it from that moment on, and can start right where we left off.

This one to one time is critical to these struggling readers. They not only need the extra modeling and guided practice, but also reinforcement that they are doing the strategy correctly. When they are acknowledged and feel that success they are more likely to try it on their own.

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Reading Strategy: ReRead Text to Understand

Unit 1: Reading Strategies: Beginning of the Year
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Objective: SWBAT reread a sentence or paragraph to maintain accuracy, fluency, and will use the strategy to gain comprehension.

Big Idea: Rereading is a key skill in becoming a good reader. Readers need acknowledge when what they read has not made sense to them. When students reread they slow down and pay attention to the words and meanings more carefully.

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