Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Electromagnetic Induction - Section 4: Two Electromagnetic Activities


After doing the lesson and looking at student work, it is clear to me that the magnetism reading was not an effective activity. Students were not clear what was wanted on the sheets and the ultimate learning goal of "a coil is the best way to create a strong magnetic field through a current carrying wire" was not met. This was clear to me when I view the Magnetic Drawing Student Work, students were very caught up in the drawing that they missed the point. They were also not sure how to do the drawings. 

Rather than reading, perhaps I could set up stations where students measure the magnetic field near a straight wire, a looped wire and then a coil. This would demonstrate the goal much better if I can find an apparatus that allows students to quantify magnetic field strength. 

  Adjustments to Practice: Right Hand Rule Improvement
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Electromagnetic Induction

Unit 6: Magnetism and Induction
Lesson 1 of 6

Objective: Given a coil of wire, battery and magnetic field meter, students determine the mathematical relationships between number of coils, voltage and magnetic field strength.

Big Idea: Moving charge creates a magnetic field.

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