Reflection: High Expectations Life Cycles Lesson 1 : Butterflies and Grasshoppers - Section 5: Class Discussion/Wrap Up


As I look back at this lesson and the videos, I am reminded that being the facilitator during these class discussions was what made this lesson really click with the students. All of my students know that during class discussions, all opinions and ideas are valued and because of this, I feel that we sometimes get contributions like this one from one of my students who answered a question that I didn't ask , Would animals not having a life cycle affect you?. He made that connection and ended up explaining a food chain even though I never made that connection in the lesson. He introduced the topic and we all benefited from that interdependence connection.

  High Expectations: Being the facilitator during a discussion takes the content to a higher level.
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Life Cycles Lesson 1 : Butterflies and Grasshoppers

Unit 12: Animal Life Cycles
Lesson 1 of 8

Objective: Compare and Contrast a grasshopper's life cycle to that of a butterfly by accurately comparing the different stages noting the similarities and the differences.

Big Idea: All organisms have unique and diverse life cycles but all have in common birth, growth, reproduction, and death.

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