Reflection: Relevance Modeling a Trace Fossil - Section 5: Class Discussion/Wrap Up


Using a model to relate to the content and then referring back to the essential question ensures that the students understand why we used a model. I want them to take away from the lesson the reasoning and the relevance of the academic content. If they can answer that essential question and even build upon it, then I know that the lesson was relevant and the objective was met.

  Revisiting the essential question helps students focus on what was discovered.
  Relevance: Revisiting the essential question helps students focus on what was discovered.
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Modeling a Trace Fossil

Unit 11: Fossils, Evidence of Organisms That Lived Long Ago
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: Create a model of a trace fossil then infer what created the fossil by examining the clues.

Big Idea: Scientists use clues from trace fossils to infer what organisms were like millions of years ago.

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Science, Research and Technology, investigation, creating models, fossils
  51 minutes
cheirotherium prints possibly ticinosuchus
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