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64% of the class was able to complete the poster successfully. Two students (8%) were unable to do it, but they are very young and, although they were able to answer most of the questions when I asked them with the book, they struggled with the cutting and pasting. For the rest of the class the task was frustrating, because they were having trouble labeling the features correctly. In the future, I will reverse the task, giving them a poster and having them label the different features. I can also give them post it notes, have them copy the names on the features on them, and then place them on the appropriate places in a textbook. Although I would make this changes, this lesson is worth teaching (watch the clip to hear why). 


  Performance Tasks: Too hard
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Many parts

Unit 2: Reading and Writing Informational Texts
Lesson 3 of 11

Objective: SWABT identify different features of informational text features, such as labels, photographs and diagrams.

Big Idea: Preparation for reading complex informational texts starts in K and First grade. Knowing the features of the genre, and how to navigate through it is one of the necessary stepping stones.

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