Reflection: Accountability DESIGN CHALLENGE: Food labels (2 of 2) - Section 3: EXTEND: Label redesign


Rubrics are an effective tool for holding students accountable.  Good rubrics describe criteria for success in clear language and help a student understand how to improve specific aspects of a project.  I use rubrics as much as possible to support student learning.

In the real world, however, rubrics do not always exist.  In the case of the food label redesign challenge, public opinion is essentially the rubric.  I can support students in making choices that lead to a well-developed product.  However, prototypes that will actually influence consumer behavior are impossible to predict.  For this reason, the public presentation of these food labels is essential.  Public feedback takes the place of a rubric.  It is the test of effectiveness, not a predetermined list of competencies.

  Public opinion as invisible rubric
  Accountability: Public opinion as invisible rubric
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DESIGN CHALLENGE: Food labels (2 of 2)

Unit 5: Food (biosphere and geosphere)
Lesson 10 of 24

Objective: In this multi-day "lesson" students will be able to 1) develop a redesigned food label utilizing design elements that surface the normally hidden costs of modern food production; 2) present redesigned food labels to peers; 3) facilitate discussion about how redesigned food labels might be used in the real world; and 4) select an actionable idea to propose to the community.

Big Idea: The current food label describes the ingredients and nutritional content of food. How might we redesign the current food label to more accurately capture the total impact of modern food production, especially environmental costs?

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