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Once Tier 2 Words have been introduced, the term becomes a regular fixture in our classroom. We stop to talk about Tier 2 Words during our Read Alouds. We point them out during lessons. We celebrate when students use Tier 2 Words in their daily speech. Mostly, I encourage students to swap out boring Tier 1 words in their writing with more descriptive Tier 2 “fancy schmancy” words to make their stories more interesting. We want students to take ownership of this strategy so it becomes 2nd nature for them to identify, understand, and use this more sophisticated vocabulary.

  Tier 2 Words all the time
  Tier 2 Words all the time
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Tier Vocabulary: Let's get "fancy schmancy"

Unit 8: Tier Vocabulary Unit
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT identify Tier 2 Words in familiar text and use context clues to determine their meaning.

Big Idea: Scaffolding the concept of Tier 2 Words

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