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During the engineering unit, I encourage the kids to learn from each other and support each other with the tasks. For this reason, I design the evaluations of each engineering lesson to be a group performance task. The kids can then demonstrate their understanding of the EDP with the support of their peers while still being held accountable for their individual contributions.

For this lesson, the kids had to show me that they still remembered the properties of wood and paper by designing a house for my hamster that would provide not only shelter, but a play place that would stimulate her mind. The house had to be secure and safe as well so my precious pet would be safe and out of harms way.

This assessment was a great opportunity for my students to show off their ingenuity, teamwork and conceptual understanding of the properties of wood and paper. I was blown away by the level of conversation that was taking place within each team. What was especially exciting was the level of inclusion I saw in my special needs students and how much creativity they contributed to the design of the hamster homes! This was the perfect assessment to let them shine and be heard!

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What Can you Build with Wood and Paper?

Unit 9: Build it
Lesson 4 of 4

Objective: SWBAT create a structure using wood and paper by using the engineering design process.

Big Idea: Kids use what they know about the properties of wood and paper to build a wood and paper structure.

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completed hamster house with playground
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