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The school I teach at is located in the Sonoran desert. From spring through fall the outdoor temperatures reach from 100 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. My students are very familiar with the feeling of extreme heat, but understanding where the heat comes from and how it effects things around them is a mystery to them.

I have a few developmentally delayed students, a couple of mono-lingual Spanish students, and some severe speech students. Because of this, I choose to provide my students with real-life experiences in science and live demonstrations. That's why frying an egg on the sidewalk is a valuable experience for the kids. Once they see that, they can imagine what happens to their bare feet, a dog's paws, and their bodies if they don't drink enough water.

The egg was a great success! After experiencing frying an egg on a sidewalk, the kids were better able to understand how the sun heats the earth and how it effects living things. Between the sun book and the egg frying, they now understand how the sun benefits us as well as the damage it can do if precautions aren't taken.

  Egg fry
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Egg fry
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The Heat is on!

Unit 8: Wondering about weather??
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Objective: SWBAT explain how the sun is helpful to people, plants and animals by sorting objects that need and do not need energy from the sun.

Big Idea: Kids learn that heat is energy and energy comes from the sun to help us grow and stay warm.

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