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The school I teach at is located in the sonoran desert. We are surrounded by brush, cacti, and a variety of desert life. Most of my students have never experienced snow or very cold weather. Our winters average 60 degrees F.

Because of this reason, I felt a need to provide my students with a "real" experience with "snow" so they could experience how it feels and changes as it's molded and left out in the open. I wanted them to experience the cold and understand why it's necessary to bundle up to stay warm. My other goal was to provide the kids with a fun and engaging lesson.

The use of realia is an ideal choice for any lesson taught. It makes the learning accessible and fun. Following it up with how snow is formed and the flow chart diagram brought the learning full circle and complete. Once the kids were able to connect snow with low temperatures and rain they had no problem understanding what snow is and how the cycle works.

  Diagrams and realia (the snow)
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Diagrams and realia (the snow)
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Do you Snow What This is?

Unit 8: Wondering about weather??
Lesson 3 of 7

Objective: SWBAT explain how snow is formed and how it effects humans in clothing and behavior.

Big Idea: Kids will learn how temperature and weather effects how people dress and behave.

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