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While the class waited on the microwave to melt their bags of ice, I noticed that some students were getting a little silly and off task. Without having planned to, I ask students to take this time to answer their own investigative questions using the balance scales. Some teams measured the mass of school supplies in their desks. Other teams experimented with placing some gram weights on one side (such as four of the blue 20 gram weights) and trying to balance the scale using the other gram weights on the other side. Here's an example of a team doing this: Students Exploring.

Looking back on this spontaneous task, I realize that this would have been a perfect way to start today's lesson. It would have provided students with practice using the balance scales to make sure that students are appropriately interacting with hands on materials. Also, this activity would have ultimately lead to more precise data collection. 

After looking back on this lesson, this exploration process could have also incorporated algebra. For example, 5 green gram weights (weighing 10 gram each) + 6 orange gram weights (weighing 5 grams each) = 4 blue gram weights (weighing 20 grams each). Students could then write their findings using algebraic equations: 5g + 6o =4b.

  Student Led Inquiry: Providing Time to Explore
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Heating & Cooling Matter

Unit 5: Matter
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Objective: SWBAT prove that the mass/weight of matter is conserved, even when the temperature of matter changes.

Big Idea: In this lesson, students investigate how the heating of matter (ice) affects the mass. Then, students draw conclusions and construct a graph using the results of their investigations.

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Science, Matter and its Properties, Investigations / Tools / Measurement, Graphing, mass, water, ice, chemical reaction
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