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Students benefit greatly from knowing why they are watching or participating in a particular activity.  By previewing questions with them before they engage in an activity like watching a video or participating in a simulation, students are able to gauge their learning against a desired outcome, which is specific knowledge that I have identified about the content in the question.  Students are not always able to answer all the questions I pose for them but having questions sets an expectation that they try to meet.  I don’t always collect the responses because the intent is not about a grade but more focused on what they gained from the activity.  I like to give students a chance to dialogue about the answers so that I can quickly assess if the learning expectations for the video or activity were met or not.  Viewing questions are a great way for the student and teacher to check their understanding.

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Antibiotic Resistance

Unit 3: Unit 4-Organisms and Evolution
Lesson 6 of 7

Objective: Students will be able to recognize the role of evolution in antibiotic resistance.

Big Idea: All organisms, even bacteria evolve in response to environment changes.

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Science, microbe, antibiotic resistance
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