Reflection: Making A Wave Machine - Section 2: Guided Investigation


I decided that I would make the building of the wave machine a social-emotional activity as well. I showed students what to do and showed the, the materials. I then told the entire class that they needed to build the machine. Some students got right to the task, others looked at me like I was crazy, others asked me if this was an SEL lesson, others began to organize work parties. Overall, they did a great job with very little arguing. There were those that built, those that organized, and those that provided quality checks. It was instructional to me to see where students inserted themselves into the process. They really wanted to play with the machine so they worked hard to get it done.

  Working Together
  Working Together
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Making A Wave Machine

Unit 7: Waves Aren't Just In The Sea
Lesson 2 of 9

Objective: Students explore the properties of waves.

Big Idea: Students construct their own wave machine to explore wave motion.

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